Monday, June 25, 2012

Eternal Glow

Fireflies. They flicker throughout the overwhelming darkness of night and I love them for it. Not because I'm afraid of the dark, although once upon a time I was, but because they're a comforting constant. Traveling together and weaving inbetween the trees, they are carefree. I like that carefree, cheerful nature. Catch one in your hands and peer into your tightly clasped fist and they'll go on giving you light. They're only bugs, really, incapable of knowing just how many watch them work, but looking out into a black sky and seeing their scattered glow come and go has a timeless reassurance about it.

Maybe it's cheesy - probably so - but when I think on the days in my life when the sun's been absent and I've felt gloomy, there have been people - friends - who have come alongside and poured light into my life. We all go through trials but the steadfast companions whose encouragement and kindness never waver are often responsible for helping us through.

So thank you, fireflies and dear friends alike, for brightening life.

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